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At Lizz Basinger Designs we craft each piece with care and intent.

We are an artisan clothing company focused on producing sustainable garments for women on the go, and dedicated to cutting and sewing all of our pieces locally in our Portland, OR studio using only the highest quality fabrics. Experimenting with organic fibers, merino wool, and recycled cotton/ polyester, our design philosophy centers on elegance, sustainability, and attention to detail; every pleat has a purpose, and every pocket is placed with care. We create modern clothing with unique pleating details, and flattering silhouettes, which can be worn for both elegant and casual occasions.  

 Lizz was a self-taught designer before attending the Art Institute of Chicago.

It was the architecture and history of such an industrialized and utilitarian city,which inspired her minimalist designs and continues to do so to this day. Lizz started her company, Lizz Basinger Designs, when she moved to Portland, OR in 2010. Her esthetic naturally pays homage to the style and stories of the past. By following women’s uprising though out history she’s discovered her muse to be independent artists, entrepreneurs, or professionals who have had to strike a balance between their professional and personal life. Lizz is passionate about the environment as well, and in an industry so congested with pollution, and worker inequality she strives to ensure her garments don’t follow the same suit. It is her hope that by producing and consuming mindfully, she and her team can focus on craftsmanship, reduce waste, and create truly impeccable clothing for the discerning customer. Her company uses sustainable practices whenever possible by recycling production waste, donating excess fabrics to local non-profits such as Modified Style Portland, and of course hiring workers, here in the U.S.A and paying them comparable wages.


Lacey works closely with Lizz to ensure all patterns are correctly transferred,

Morgan Shanafelt assists with Lizz’s cutting & sewing needs

and graded before they make it to the cutting table. As a Portland Art Institute graduate Lacey has already received high recognition in her own right; showing her collection at Portland Fashion Week, and in local publications. In addition to working with Lizz, Lacey owns her own business, Lacey Lee Apparel, which is inspired by flirty yet modern designs for women.
In addition to photo shoots and the production & manufacturing of Lizz’s collections. She earned a degree in fashion design and cosmetology locally, but has worked in New York, Berlin, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle. She is currently exercising her dual talents working as a hair designer in a salon as well as developing her clothing line, Lovelace.

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